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Planting Your Garden:
Why Is It Important to Save?

What do you want to do when you retire? Whatever you imagine your future to look like, it won't happen without some planning. The good news is that a little planning now can go a long way to making your future dreams your reality. Would you like to travel and visit places you never had time for while you were working? Or have extra time to spend with your family or for volunteer work?

Perhaps you have dreams you want to come true before retirement: owning a home or putting kids through college. Take a moment to think about and write down the things you dream about for your future.

Now imagine the comfort and security of knowing you can make these dreams come true! That comfort and security can be yours if you start planning and saving now.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

  • I have lots of time to think about saving later.
  • I'd save if I had any extra money, but I don't.
  • I am not sure how to save or invest money.

Consider what you could accomplish if your thoughts were more like this:

  • I know that I will have a much better chance of having enough money in the future if I start planning now.
  • If I can set aside just a little bit right now, it will start growing. Then, I can increase my savings when possible.

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